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Name:Beta-carotene Emulsion

Product Description

Product name : Beta-carotene Emulsion

Product Source: In nature, it exists in fruits, flowers, vegetables and other plants as well as a variety of algae.

Product specifications:

1. 30% oil suspension for health care soft capsules, 5% β-carotene for tableting and solid beverages, 2% 3% for functional beverages.

2. Beverage special 2% β-carotene (emulsion) - yellow tone, red tone with light and thermal stability.

3. Beverage special 2% β-carotene (high permeability) - yellow tone, red tone with light and thermal stability.

4. Other dosage forms include: 1%, 2%, 5% (emulsion), 1% β-carotene powder, etc. Special high temperature resistance Beta-carotene for baking products.


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